Please don’t hesitate to get in contact at to have a non binding initial chat and see if and how I could help you. Alternatively, you can book directly an initial consultation on the following link. I prefer to see my clients two times: for an initial 90mins consultation and a follow up session post one month. The initial consultation is focused on getting your case history and agreeing on the goals we would like to achieve. After your initial consultation I will send in an email your individualised protocol that includes nutritional guidelines and recipes, nutritional supplements, recommended testing, and general lifestyle advice tailored to your goals. In the follow up session we will revise your protocol, if needed, to increase compliance and focus on your future goals and you will receive a revised plan.

The consultations take place online via video calls Monday to Friday. You can check my calendar availability on the links below.

The most cost effective option is the introductory package which includes an initial consultation and follow up at a discounted price. If you wouldn’t like to commit to two sessions you could book your initial consultation separately from the follow up.