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I support people and companies throughout their wellness journey.

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I am a seasoned insights specialist with 20 years’ experience on consumer insights. In the last 8 years of my career, innovation has won my heart, working across various roles at Diageo, worldwide leader in the spirits business, across the Europe and Africa regional innovation team based in London, identifying insights and opportunities for new drinks & categories that make consumers want to spend on their hard earned cash & time. My expertise lies across the whole pipeline process from early identification of opportunities and innovation strategy development, to ideation, testing, pipeline development, commercalisation and post launch optimisation. Though my passion lies in the first stages of the innovation cycle (insight/foresight & ideation) I can help throughout the process leveraging my extended innovation network. The last 3 years of my Diageo career I ventured into the world of disrupt innovation, trying to find ways to disrupt the total beverage alcohol market by creating new occasions, categories and business models that transform how consumers interact with their drinks. Big part of the role was creating new capability & processes to bring an external radar, agile testing and experimentation in the Diageo innovation culture, developing tools that have become global best practice.

I discovered one of the most profound insights of my career in the role of nutrition & holistic modules through a personal health adventure, which in 2016 led me to study Nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic medicine in London (CNM).

Nowadays in parallel to running a thriving nutritional clinic in Greece and managing my successful wellness blog (13k followers in social media) I have set up an innovation consultancy specialising in the wellbeing space aiming to help companies (big or small) innovate in the ever relevant world of wellbeing, combining my skills as an innovation specialist and certified nutritional therapist. Sitting in numerous expert innovation sessions myself as a client I have found that experts, though bringing a significant fresh lens in the process, they most often struggle to articulate their knowledge into tangible business opportunities and sometimes these sessions tend to stay on an intellectual level becoming just a ‘nice to have’ addition in the innovation process. I can bridge these gaps through my dual technical expertise. I have been described by my colleagues as an entrepreneurial, tenacious disruptive thinker with tons of enthusiasm and passion that energises people around me.

How I can help:

  • Identify trends & foresights that lead to opportunities & threats in the wellbeing space to inform your business strategy
  • Secondary and primary research to identify insights and opportunities for innovation
  • Innovation platform identification with clearly articulated innovation insights and tensions that mobilise & align teams and lead to stronger ideation sessions
  • Ideate with you or run ideation sessions bringing the right experts in the process
  • Help you understand the trending world of functional ingredients and how they affect your business all through to commercialisation by connecting you with the right R&D partners.
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